I'm an endangered species called a 'Florida Native'. Grew up in North Palm Beach and have always called Florida home. I've been around long enough to remember when our access to I-95 only ran from Okeechobee to PGA Blvd. I also remember my father's high anxiety when it was time to take our family's POS car for its annual inspection. Yeah, we used to have those in this state. We might want to consider bringing those back, lol... Anyway, I'm a pretty simple dude, been married to my wife Lynn for 25+ years and we have one child, our daughter Kristin. When I'm not rocking with you on the job, I'm rocking out at home. I'm a couch potato sports 'expert' and Big Green Egg addict and that pairs perfectly with my fondness for cold beer and hanging out with friends and family. If I don't run into you at a concert or on the meat aisle at Publix, we can always connect weekday afternoons here on 98.7 The Gater. Cheers!