Alice Cooper Announces Fall 2021 Tour!

I know we've been waiting for show to return, and I was hoping for some good ones ... But THIS IS HUGE! Alice AND Ace together is the coolest thing I've heard so far this year. I was never a huge Alice Cooper fan, I was a KISS guy (more on that in a minute) but I got to see him in Austin a few years ago and I have to tell you, his show is one of the must see shows ever! The props, the stunts, the music, there is nothing like it out there! Now as far as ACE, I'm more of a KISS fan than Ace as a solo act, but to be fair, I only saw him a few times when he was drunk, so I'm hopeful his "sober" shows are better! Either way this is going to be a blast. You can find a link to tickets HERE or just listen to win this week before they go on sale!