Nikki Sixx Says Mötley Crüe Is Closer Than Ever As A Band On 'Stadium Tour'

Photo: Getty Images North America

After two years of postponements, Nikki Sixx is back in his element on tour with Mötley Crüe.

Sixx has been celebrating the launch of the 'Stadium Tour' since the show got on the road last week. He's often taken to Twitter these past few days to express his appreciation.

"Having a blast on the road," the bassist wrote on Tuesday in reply to a fan who shared live footage from a recent gig. "Bands pretty damn tight and the crowds are big and loud...I think we all really needed this....."

Last August, as several major rock tours were suspended amid the pandemic, Sixx expressed his relief that Crüe and Def Leppard decided to wait another year to do the tour, though he was itching to get back out there.

On Wednesday, Sixx admitted that getting back into the swing of touring life was a challenge. He revealed that he'd be struggling to sleep after shows, but instead of after-parties keeping him awake, it's his adrenaline ... and his three-year-old daughter.

Despite the new challenges of managing family life and band life, Sixx is staying positive, later noting his "favorite thing" about being back out with Crüe.

"It's how close we have all gotten as a band," he wrote via Twitter. "How we work together and play together plus just hanging out as friends. We should be friendSSSSS. WE survived over 40 years in this rat infested business and have achieved almost everY goal or BROKE every record we set for ourselves."

Not everything has gone according to plan for Mötley Crüe. While the band has gotten positive reviews, fans have been somewhat disappointed that drummer Tommy Lee has not been able to perform full shows due to a rib injury.

Lee hasn't explained how he broke four ribs, except to say the injury happened right before the tour. He's been starting shows with the Crüe before bringing Ozzy Osbourne drummer Tommy Clufetos up to replace him and finish out the set.

"The show must f---ing go on, goddamn it!" Lee said after passing the baton to Clufetos on the first night of the tour.

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