Message In A Bottle From North Carolina Discovered 700 Miles Away

Photo: Getty Images

A message in a bottle launched in North Carolina traveled hundreds of miles over the course of two months, picking up an additional note before ultimately being found several states away.

Philip Wise and his son were visiting Hatteras, North Carolina, in April when they decided to make a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean in the hopes that it could travel to a faraway land, per Island Free Press.

"On April 7, my youngest son and I tried to throw a message in a bottle into the ocean in Hatteras village," he said. "We tried all day, but the Atlantic kept sending it back to the short. Later on that evening, we threw the bottle into the water at Hatteras Landing Marina."

Though that seemed to work at first, the bottle once again washed up on a nearby shore. However, the woman who found it added her own note of greeting and tossed it back in the ocean. That proved to be the trick and the bottle ended up traveling more than 700 miles north where it was found in Massachusetts by Samuel Southworth.

According to the outlet, Southworth sent a photo of the bottle and messages to Wise on Wednesday (June 1) after finding the surprise on Tuckernuck Island near Cape Cod. But that wasn't the only good news! Southworth plans to continue the message chain, adding a drawing of a whale to the bottle before throwing it back into the ocean to spread joy to even more people.

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