This Is The Best Steakhouse In North Carolina

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Steakhouses are a great place to enjoy an extravagant meal, celebrate a special occasion, or simply find a top quality cut of Grade A beef cooked to perfection. Several restaurants around North Carolina are known for their perfectly-prepared steaks, but only one could get the Prime No. 1 spot.

Eat This, Not That! searched the country to find the best steakhouse in each state, and one hidden gem in North Carolina made the cut. According to the Eat This website:

"Perfectly pan-seared, seasoned, and tender, steak satisfies the most carnivorous of appetites. Whether you like it super rare or just a little on the done side, we've assembled the very best steakhouses each state has to offer based on publications and reviews."

So which steakhouse was named the best in North Carolina?

Gamekeeper Restaurant

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Boone, Gamekeeper Restaurant specializes in a variety of wild game. The beef options may be limited compared to other restaurants, but this allows Gamekeeper chefs to perfect the cuts they do serve. Gamekeeper is located at 3005 Shulls Mill Road in Boone.

Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say about the best steakhouse in North Carolina.

"Specializing in fine dining for wild game, Gamekeeper also cooks an incredible steak. The beef option is a tenderloin served with cabernet butter and garlic mashed potatoes. The limited options are so well prepared that they are worth the trip up the mountain."

Check here to see the full list of each state's best steakhouse.

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