This Is The Most Unusual Building In North Carolina

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Not every building is created equal. Maybe an odd feature of a business or a theater has caught your eye and left you wondering about the building's backstory. Perhaps you've seen a home or store with a unique look, little touches that distinguish the building's character from that of others surrounding it. While this can vary in the vibrant paint color the outside walls to the towering topiaries littering the lawn, other differences are more drastic.

House Beautiful searched the country to find the most unique buildings in each state, including this uniquely unusual place in North Carolina.

So what is North Carolina's most unusual building?

Biltmore Mansion

Located in Asheville at the foothills of the mountains, this French-inspired Gilded Age mansion is unlike any home you have ever seen. From the enormous ornate house to the sprawling artful gardens, there is plenty to see and do and this family-run estate. You can even plan a trip to stay overnight or simply test out some wine at Biltmore's own winery.

Learn more about Biltmore Mansion by checking out its website.

Here's what House Beautiful had to say about North Carolina's most unique building:

"The stately 250-room Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, North Carolina was built by George Vanderbilt as a country home in 1889 after he fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains. Today, visitors can tour the impressive main building as well as its gardens and winery."

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