North Carolina Man 'Froze' After Scoring Big Lottery Win

Photo: Getty Images

Another North Carolina man was shocked to find he was the lucky winner of a big lottery prize.

Danny Sims, of Ellenboro, recently picked up a $5 20X The Cash scratch-off ticket from the Key Largo Food Mart on U.S. 221A in Mooresboro, according to a release from the NC Education Lottery. After scratching the ticket, he thought he won $25. A closer inspection, however, proved that he actually won $250,000

"It took me a while to realize I actually won something after the shock wore off. I was so excited I had tears in my eyes," he said, adding, "I just froze and thought, 'Oh my God.' I thought it couldn't be real. It was so hard to believe."

Sims wasn't the only one in disbelief at his big win. When he told his family, they thought he was making a joke.

"We are pranksters," he told lottery officials. "We are always pranking each other so they thought I was just messing with them."

Lucky for Sims, it wasn't a joke. He was able to claim his prize at lottery headquarters last week, bringing home a total of $177,526 after state and federal taxes that he hopes to use to pay off some bills and help pay for his stepfather's house.

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