Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Says His Booty Shaking 'Made Us A Lot Of Money'

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Luke Bryan has gained many fans being one of country music's hottest sex symbols, and his wife, Caroline Bryan, has shared that she doesn't mind at all. In fact, while speaking with Jay Cutler in his most recent episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler, she shared "Luke's a** and his a** shaking has made us a lot of money."

While Luke Bryan remains a popular figure within country music, Caroline said that there haven't been too many unruly fans, and they generally follow her rules that they can look, but not touch. "As long as [fans] are respectful, then whatever," Bryan said in her conversation with Cutler.

Luke and Caroline Bryan recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, and Caroline went into detail about the beginning of her and Luke's relationship. She revealed that she had met him in a bar and they were introduced by a mutual friend. Her and Bryan spent some time in college dating on and off before spending five years broken up after Luke Bryan graduated. The two randomly met again sometime later, and have been inseparable ever since. Luke began pursuing a career in country music, with Caroline helping to support him.

"I paid the bills for a while 'cause Luke wasn't making any money," she said. "I never doubted him ever. I never doubted him once. He doubted himself a couple times, but I didn't. He's Luke. I knew that he could do it."

Caroline Bryan's interview with Jay Cutler comes just a few days after she rescued a cat, now named Lucky Bob, from a freeway. She shared over the weekend that she spotted the cat in the middle of an exit off the interstate, joking that "I might have caused a traffic jam at 8am, but she was worth it."

Meanwhile, Luke Bryan recently joined Trace Adkins and Pitbull in a new music video for their single "Where The Country Girls At." The video sees the three men searching for some country girls, with Bryan and Adkins partying at Bryan's Nashville bar, Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge.

Listen to Caroline Bryan's full interview with Jay Cutler below.

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