Sammy Hagar may or may not have been "probed" by space aliens...

Sammy Hagar says he was abducted by aliens, about 60 years ago. It’s a story he alluded to in his 2012 book, “Red,” and he stands by it all to this day.

Hagar says the alien encounter happened in 1964 or 1965, when he was in the midst of a dead sleep at four in the morning.

That’s when he felt like he “was being programmed” like someone was “tapping into” him like a “string from (his) head to 13 miles up on a mountain place called Lau Creek.” There, he says there was an “object…with two creatures in it.” While those creatures were “tapping into” Hagar, they notice he was waking up through “augmented telepathy” and yelled out a “numerical code, not of our numerical system.” From there, he felt something like a plug being pulled…and then he woke up…in his own bed shaking and “feeling drained.”

Source: Mystery Wire

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