North Carolina Twins Earn Over $1.5 Million In Scholarships

A pair of twins in North Carolina are celebrating together after gaining acceptance to 15 colleges and receiving more than $1 million in scholarship offers.

Reagan and Ricardo Razon, 17, are preparing to graduate from Enloe Magnet High School in Raleigh this summer, according to WRAL. They credit their work ethic to their parents, who instilled in them the value of education when they were children.

After applying to various universities around the country, they waited to hear back about their future. Soon, the acceptance letters began pouring in. Even more, they earned up to $1.53 million in scholarships.

"We were both pleasantly surprised, but also grateful to receive all the offers that we did receive," said Reagan. "Especially as we're experiencing a global pandemic. This year has been different for many students and the college application process has also been increasingly difficult."

From Harvard and MIT to and University of Pennsylvania and Duke, Reagan and Ricardo have their choice of university to attend after graduation.

So what are the twins' college plans? Both hope to go into STEM and have an impact on community and social justice, WRAL reports.

"I want to be somebody who brings diversity in the fields in the occupation I choose to go in, in the leadership positions I choose to seek," said Ricardo.

Reagan enjoys computer science but has also been dancing for 12 years. She hopes to combine her passions and explore how the two fields differ and are alike.

"I'm also very interested in ethics when it comes to creating computer algorithms, and the biases that exist with that," she said.

Photo: Getty Images