On the next episode of Cops - Fla. Man drives Golf Cart into Walmart...

Surveillance video from the Walmart, located near Tampa, shows customers hurrying to get out the way of the man, Michael Dale Hudson, as he entered the store in his golf cart, then rolling past a couple of security personnel, one with what appears to be her taser drawn.

According to theTampa BayTimes

He ignored deputies’ orders to stop, the agency said, as he drove through the glass front doors and entered the store. He entered the checkout area, struck several patrons and caused many others to jump out of his way, the Sheriff’s Office said.
Then he crashed into a register, which is where deputies took him into custody.
A few shoppers were injured but treated at the scene by paramedics. They were not taken to a hospital, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

At the end of this episode of Cops - Michael Dale Hudson, demanded to speak with the Manager