The Future = Roller Coaster + Waterslide Hybrid

Let's be honest, we've all been waiting for flying cars, talking monkeys and light sabers - BUT - so far, technology of the future kind of sucks! Until today, the World's First Roller Coaster Waterslide Hybrid is coming!!

ViaOrlando Weekly:

This new concept is similar to the water coasters, but instead of relying on water jets or lift hills via belts the Slide Coaster has a roller coaster-like track that runs parallel to the water slide. The specially designed rafts seat two guests each and have a large wedge behind the rear seat. A sled trolley on the roller coaster track has an arm that lowers and uses the wedge to push the raft forward up to speeds of more than 39 miles per hour.

PS> Is it wrong that the first thing I noticed in the video was the tush on that computer generated chick? And, why the hell are all the dudes in speedos?