Woman Sends Unsolicited Penis Pic She Got To Guy's Grandma And Gets A Reply

It's a tale as old as time - man approaches woman, man tries unsuccessfully to woo woman, man sends unsolicited pic of his junk to woman, woman forwards pic to his grandmother. 

Well, maybe it's not a classic story, but it's exactly what happened to a woman named Tamira and she's got the receipts to prove it. On Imgur, Tamira posted her text exchange with a guy she went to high school with named Hank who hit her up to ask her out. 

It started pretty tame, but it was clear Tamira wasn't interested:

Tamira didn't hold back about how Hank was making her feel:

Hank seemed to diffuse the situation and Tamira was more than generous by continuing the conversation:

Hearing Hank say "my core is jacked" was likely the last straw for Tamira:

Hank did not get it:

Poor Tamira rightfully decided she needed to school Hank:

Tamira knew Hank's grandmother from church and felt she should be aware of her grandson's behavior. Hank's granny was seemingly disturbed by the text exchange, but things with her could've gone a little better. She didn't fully seem to grasp it all:

As for Hank's reaction when he realized Tamira wasn't messing around when she told him she was forwarding their convo:

Let this be a lesson to all men to never send unsolicited photos. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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