Video Shows Deer Leaping Off Bridge to Their Deaths

"I've never seen anything like this," Catherine Veerhusen tells the Des Moines Register
"No words, no words." Veerhusen and her husband were driving Sunday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when they saw a herd of deer—one buck and three does—on a bridge over US Highway 30. Veerhusen says the deer seemed "panicked." 

Suddenly the buck ran to the opposite side of the bridge and jumped, falling 20 to 30 feet to the highway below. The three does quickly followed, leaping off the bridge to their deaths. "It was pretty quick. I didn't even get to my phone in time. I was more busy watching them," says deer hunter Denny Benyshek, who also saw the incident. "I seen this rack and thought, 'That's a nice buck.'"

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