Outrage Over Naked Game of Tag in Nazi Gas Chamber

The 5-minute video shows a group of naked people playing tag. 

Now Holocaust survivor groups want to know how the video was allowed to be filmed inside a gas chamber at a former Nazi camp where 65,000 people were killed, the BBC reports. According to the IndependentThe Game of Tag by Artur Zmijewski was filmed in 1999 and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland, in 2015. 

A description of the video read: "A group of people play a kid’s game. They are naked, they run around, they laugh a lot. But they are also very serious. They know where they are—in the gas chamber of a former Nazi extermination camp." One piece of information the description didn't include: where the video was filmed.

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Photo: The Game Of Tag

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