Wolfgang Van Halen's Master Plan for VH would have been awesome...

Wolfgang Van Halen says the pandemic threw a wrench in his “master plan” for a Van Halen farewell tour. In an interview with “The Washington Post,” Wolf says he wanted to put on a Van Halen tour that would include original singer David Lee Roth, his replacement Sammy Hagar, and original bassist Michael Anthony. He pitched the idea to his late father Eddie Van Halen, who was totally down, and open to jamming with Wolf’s own band Mammoth WVH to open the shows.

But by late 2017, Eddie was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and started flying overseas for treatment. Then the pandemic put a pause on live music – and in Wolf’s opinion, potentially live-saving treatment for Eddie – and we ended up losing the rock legend at age 65 soon after.

Source:The Washington Post

PS> In case you were wondering, Mammoth WVH is the opening act for Guns and Roses, in Raleigh Sept 29th - You guys up for a road trip???