Massive Pumpkin Tips The Scale, Breaks Record At North Carolina State Fair

Photo: Getty Images

A man from West Virginia set a North Carolina state record this week after a massive pumpkin tipped the scale at the North Carolina State Fair.

Chris Rodebaugh, of Lewisburg, West Virginia, is no stranger to the N.C. State Fair. Throughout the years, he has entered many large pumpkins he has grown into state fair competitions, even winning several, so it's no surprise he decided to enter another pumpkin in this year's competition, WRAL reports. The entry paid off, with Rodebaugh taking home the ribbon for the Great Pumpkin on Tuesday (October 12) and beating 20 other pumpkins for the title.

According to Spectrum News, the pumpkin, called "Seneca," weighed nearly a ton, literally, coming in at 1,965.5 pounds and breaking a state record. The winning produce will be on display at the fair starting Thursday (October 14).

In addition the pumpkin, a 341-pound watermelon grown by Andrew Vial of Liberty set another record for the state on Tuesday, coming up just 9 pounds short of the world record.

"These growers face many obstacles when growing giant fruit," Kent Yelverton, manager of the N.C. State Fair, said in a statement. "Excessive heat, drought, too much rain, impacts from local wildlife can all impact these giants."

The winning pumpkin can be seen below, but more photos can be found here.

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