Hunters catch audio of Bigfoot??? turn up the volume...

A hunter. his wife & grandson out grouse hunting when they heard the call of the wild aka Bigfoot...

‘We walked down a trail to see if we can find a bird, and on our way back to the vehicle, it started,” Meekis said in an interview. “When it let out the first scream, I thought it was a moose, but my mind changed when it screamed again and again.”

Meekis and his wife paused for a brief moment to record the sound. His young grandson, who can be seen in the video, began to howl back at the sound. Meekis explained that his family retreated to their vehicle shortly after that as the cadence of the howling increased.

“I’ve heard many different animals in the wild but nothing like this. I grew up hunting with my grandfather for the first 12 years of my life,” Meekis said.(via VICE)

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